5 Steps to Plan Your Perfect Maternity Photoshoot

1. Picking your photographer

The prospect of picking a photographer can seem daunting, there are just so many to choose from - where do you start? Start with a photographers portfolio, this will give you an idea of their style and if it matches with the vision you have for your session. Once you find a style you like, I always suggest calling or meeting with the photographer. If you don't get on with them, it will make it hard for you to feel relaxed on the day and that will show through in your images.

Price is obviously important, however, be sure that you’re comparing “apples to apples” when searching for the best photographer for your budget.

2. When

It is best to schedule your maternity photos between 32-36 weeks of your pregnancy.   Most photographers are booked several weeks/months in advance so it is best to contact your preferred photographer no later than your 20th week. 


When choosing a location, your photographer should help to guide you through the process. I always work in partnership with you, to choose a location unique to your requirements. Do you want to be by the lake, the mountains, or a forest? Where will you hang your art work, what is your color scheme and feel of your home? All of these things feed into finding you the perfect location.  Time of day as well as location are important, in general I like to shoot the hour before sunset "the golden hour" . This time of day gives stunning warm images and soft gentle backlighting.  In general I would suggest avoiding the middle of the day, especially in the Summer when the sun is at its highest.

3.What to wear

A maternity photography session is all about celebrating the life that you are growing, that is going to fill your family with love and happiness, and this is what we want to see in the images. Always aim for something that will cling to your bump, soft stretchy jersey materials are great for this. I would suggest a long dress or tight top and skirt to really highlight your bump and add some sophisticated glamour. If the thought of clinging clothes really doesn't appeal, a soft floating dress with lots of light chiffon like material in the skirt will give a great, relaxed, natural feel while  leggings/jeans and a fitted top can give a classic laid back vibe.

Color selection will really depend on your location, I would suggest a strong color which will stand out and highlight your bump further. Purples, reds and blues work great in a forest setting whilst pastels or whites are stunning for the beach.

If you are including your partner and any other children in the session, I would always suggest neutral colors for your partner and something with an accent color complimentary to your outfit for your children. 

4. Hair & Make up

Deciding on whether to have professional hair and make up in preparation for you session is a personal choice. I feel, that the process of creating your images should be as much of a memory as the art created, so  some pampering time for Mom is always a great idea! I provide a professional make up artist and hair stylist on request and this can be a really nice way to relax for an hour before the session.  My main tip for make up is to aim for a natural look, avoiding very dark eye shadows. If you going for a glamorous feel then a strong lip color can look great. I also, advise to avoid cutting your hair the week of the session

                             If you would like to know more about how a maternity session with me works, I would love to hear from you. I am available on 425-326-7914 or you can contact me below